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2010-08-08, 09:15 AM
Kick Flick Soccer 2010

By Kevin Ng


در این بازی شما میتوانید در ضرابت ایستگاهی خود تجربه بیشتری کسب می کنید . . .
شما میتوانید ضربات خود را از روی مدافعین عبور دهید و توپ را درون دروازه قرار دهید و
امتیاز های بیشتری را کسب کنید و آن هارا در تویتر وفیس بوک قرار دهدید و امتیاز خود را
بادوستنتان به اشتراک بگذارید و رقابلت کنید . . . .

Category: Games (http://ax.itunes.apple.com/us/genre/mobile-software-applications/id6014?mt=8)
Updated:Aug 06, 2010
Current Version:1.1.0
14.1 MB
Seller:Kevin Ng
© 2010 Kevin Ng
Rated 4+ (http://ax.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/appRatings)
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.


**Now supports both iPad and iPhone 4 Retina Display for HD gameplay.**
The best kicking game on the App Store!
"4.5 stars" - touchgen.net


**If you like getting iPad and iPhone 4 versions bundled in for free, please let us know by reviewing this game in the App Store. We really want to know if our customers value this and whether we should carry on doing it in the future. Thanks!**


Now includes a whole new game mode, "10 kicks", for free of course!


Beat the keeper and defence from seemingly impossible free kick positions. Skill shots such as rebounding the ball into the goal off the woodwork earn extra points, whilst scoring goals in succession raises your score multiplier.

Experience complete and instant control over the trajectory of the ball in a single flick. There is no unrealistic "drawing the path of the ball" to curl the kick, just simply flick the ball off-centre as the pros kick it in real life and let the ball aerodynamics do the rest! Direction, power, and curve is instantly under your command.

All this control would amount to nothing without a highly accurate physics simulation. We used the excellent Bullet Physics library to model the aerodynamics of the ball, in particular the swerve of the ball due to the Magnus effect - the physical phenomenon explaining the dramatic swerve and dip of a football when the kicker adds spin.

- iPad and iPhone 4 Retina Display support for HD gameplay
- Online leaderboards to compete against your friends and worldwide.
- OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter integration.
- Earn Achievements with your skills (online connection required).
- Three game modes, each with online leaderboards
- Kick Flick Academy will teach you how to bend the ball like a pro
- Unique full 3D neon art style.
- Realistic physics simulation using the Bullet Physics Engine
- 3D menus and interface.
- Option to turn music off and play your own music in the background.
What's new in Version 1.1.0
⸰ Now supports both iPad and iPhone 4 Retina Display for HD gameplay.
⸰ New game mode "10 Kicks".
⸰ Flick power accuracy is now calculated accurately for even more precise control. Players of older versions will take time to get used to it, but trust us, it's worth it!
⸰ Ball trails in replay.
⸰ 6 new achievements to earn.
⸰ Game mode "Normal" has changed name to "5 Lives", gets various gameplay refinements.
⸰ Improved ball lighting and rendering.
⸰ "OpenFeint" and "Restart Game" options added to the pause menu.
⸰ Fixed bug causing physics to run too fast on some devices.
⸰ Various smaller bug fixes.



2010-08-24, 07:16 AM
ورژن جدید بازی :



What's new in Version 1.1.1
- Bug with direction of straight (no swerve) kicks fixed. Beginners will find scoring straight goals easier.
- New leaderboard for Sudden Death. Previous versions were mixed into the same leaderboard which lead to mismatched scores.
- Various smaller bug fixes.


2010-12-30, 02:46 PM


What's new in Version 1.1.2
- Fixed a multi-touch bug where a second finger accidentally brushing the screen would break the swipe
- New OpenFeint version 2.7.5
- Cleaner look for the menu screens
- Scores appear both before and after each game
- Visual tweaks