توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : شناخت پکیج های موجود در رام Dump شده

Reza WM
2010-07-27, 05:56 PM
خوب وقتی رامی را Dump میکنید فایل ها و پکیج های زیادی وجود دارد که مشتوان انها را تغییر داد اما هر پکیج موجود در فولدر ها چه خصوصیاتی دارند و در کدام قسمت ها استفاده میشوند.

Reza WM
2010-07-27, 06:19 PM
جلوی هر پکیج داخل پرانتز یک سری حروف به صورت مختصر هستند که در زیر مشخص میکند هر پکیج در رام کدام گوشی ها موجود هستند.

A - All devices
L - Leo,
S2 -Topaz S2 and Rhodium S2
Q - Qilin(TI OMAP Chipset, GSM and TD-SCDMA dual mode)
TC - Tachi(GSM and CDMA2000 dual mode),
R - Rhodium,
T - Topaz,
G - devices with GSM network support,
C - devices with CDMA2000 network support,
O - Old devices(Diamond, Raphael and Blackstone).

پکیج ها به تفضیل کارایی:

A4 IME(Q, TC): Chinese Pinyin IME, Chinese only.
Abobe PDF(A): PDF viewer.
AdvancedNetwork(L, S2, Q): Sets network for operators, GSM only.
Album(A): HTC replacement of original Pictures and Videos. Including picture viewing and video playback function, dependency of Manila and Camera(maybe).
aGPSConfirmation(L, S2): Ask for confirmation when uses A-GPS, GSM only.
App Service(A): Application Service. May be a dependency of other HTC applications.
Appoinment Editor(L, S2, Q): HTC replacement of original appointment editor, dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6.
Arcsoft MMS(O): MMS application.
Arphic CHS Font(A): Font for Simplified Chinese, Chinese only.
Audio Booster(A): Visual Equalizer.
Audio Manager(O): Audio manager with GUI, dependency of Manila 1.x.
Audio Manager Engine(A except O): Audio manager without GUI, dependency of Manila 2.x.
AutoRun(O): First boot customization.
BluetoothSetting(A): Extension of the original Bluetooth Setting.
Boot Launcher(A): Launch applications or services when boot.
Browser Snapshot(L, S2, Q): Support bookmarks thumbnails in Manila 2.5 and 2.6.
BTBPP(O): Provides print messages by Bluetooth printer function.
BTFTP(O): Makes your device a Bluetooth FTP server, also named as Bluetooth Explorer.
Caculator(L, S2, Q, TC): HTC replacement of original calculator.
Camera(A): HTC camera application, device dependent.
CheckAutoRun(O): Dependency of AutoRun.
CHS FontSetting(A): Switches between the Simplified Chinese fonts, Chinese only.
ClearStorage(A): Hard reset the device.
CM Guardian Service(TC): Prevent the connection settings from lost on Tachi. Not useful.
CMBandSwitching(L, S2, Q): Switches between bands, GSM only.
CMBluetooth(Q): Bluetooth earpieces setting-up wizard.
CMCallBarring(L, S2, Q): ?
CMInternetSharing(L, S2): Make your device a Wi-Fi access point.
CommManager(A): HTC replacement of the original Comm Manager. Wireless controls, dependency of several CM applications and WiFiWizard.
ConnectionSetup(L, S2, Q): Sets up connection for the phone, GSM only.
Concurrence Mgr(A): Deals with applications behaviours when two applications running together according to registry keys.
Contact Picker(L, S2, Q): HTC style contact picker, dependency of new Message Enhancement and HTCMessaging Client, newest versions are not suitable for VGA devices.
Contact Utility Engine(A): Deals with contacts, dependency of Manila and Phone Canvas Enhancement.
CyberonVoiceSpeedDial(Q, TC): Voice dialing application, Chinese only.
DataDisconnect(A): Disconnects data connections, dependency of CommManager.
DelWMPTempFolder(L, S2, Q): Deletes the Temp folder of Windows Media Player.
DeviceInfo(A): HTC replacement of th original Device Info.
DigitalCompass(L): Hardware compass, device dependent.
DMRouter(C): Diagnostic tool for CDMA2000 devices, CDMA2000 only.
Dopod Base(Q): Controls and graphics for Dopod applications, dependency of some Dopod applictions, Chinese only.
DopodCTApp(TC): Applications specially for China Telecom, Chinese only, not useful if not on China Telecom network.
DRM Middleware(A): Related to DRM functions, dependency of Audio Manager and Audio Manager Engine.
Dshow(A): Multimedia components, dependency of Album and Camera, device dependent.
Email Setup Wizard(A except O): HTC replacement of original Email Setup Wizard, dependency of Manila 2.x.
EPST(C): CDMA2000 NV items editor, CDMA2000 only.
ExtNewPhoneSetting(L, S2, Q): HTC replacement of the original Extended Phone Setting, GSM only.
Facebook Engine(L, S2, R, T): Facebook integration for Manila 2.x, dependency of Manila 2.x.
FlashLiteShareDll(L, S2, Q): Dlls for Flash Lite, may be a dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6.
Field T e s t(G except Q): Diagnostic tool of network status of GSM devices, GSM only.
FieldTrial(C): Diagnostic tool of network status of CDMA2000 devices, CDMA2000 only.
FM Radio(Almost A): FM radio application, device dependent.
Fuart(C): Enable/Disable Full Speed USB Mode, CDMA2000 only.
Full Screen Player(A): Plays videos in Album, dependency of Album.
GMM(L, S2): Google Maps.
GMM Customized(L): Fake Google Maps(?), Chinese only.
GoogleLocationService(A except O): Google Location service, dependency of My Location service.
Group Editor(L, S2, Q): HTC replacement of original Contact Group Editor, dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6.
G Sensor Calibrator(A): Calibrates G-Sensor.
HTCAnimation(A): Boot and shutdown animation and sound.
HTCAPM(O): HTC Advanced Power Management.
HTCApplication(A): Dependency of some HTC applications.
HTCBirthday(L, S2, Q): Birthday notification manager.
HTCBookmark(L, S2, Q): HTC bookmark manager, can replace the Opera one, dependency of Manila 2.5 an 2.6.
HTCFDN(L, S2, Q): HTC fixed dialing network, GSM only.
HTCFont Link(A): Manila fonts support.
HTCFramework(A except O): Dependency of some HTC applications.
HTCGeoService(A except O): Dependency of My Location service.
HTCGesture(O): ?
HTCMessage(A): ?
HTCScroll(A except O): Provide scrolling function for HTC applications, dependency of some HTC applications.
HTCSettings(A): ?
HTCStartUp(A): ?
HTCUtil(A): Related to several system functions, dependency of some HTC applications.
IE6Enhancement(L, S2, Q): ?
InCallRecorder(Q): Record phone calls.
IME CHS(L, Q): Touch Input Simplified Chinese variant, Chinese only.
IPDial(Q, TC): Auto prepend IP dial prefix, Tachi variation has dual-mode support and may be Tachi only, Chinese only.
JBlend(A): Java Virtual Machine.
Jbed(R): Java Virtual Machine.
LockScreenAppLauncher(A except O): HTC replacement of original Windows Mobile lock screen.
Long Press End Key(A): Prompt you long pressed end key, newest versions are device dependent.
MaLanHua(TC): Chinese handwriting IME, Chinese only.
Manila(TC, R, T, O): Manila 1.x or 2.0 or 2.1.
Manila Calendar(L, S2, Q): Calendar tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Core(L, S2, Q): Core components of Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Footprint(L): Footprint tab for Manila 2.5.
Manila Home(L, S2, Q): Home tab of Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Internet(L, S2, Q): Internet tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Mail(L, S2, Q): Mail tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Message(L, S2, Q): Message tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Music(L, S2): Music tab for Manila 2.5.
Manila People(L, S2, Q): People tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Photo(L, S2, Q): Photo tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Program(Q): Program tab for Manila 2.6.
Manila Settings(L, S2, Q): Settings tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Manila Stock(L, S2): Stock tab for Manila 2.5.
Manila Twitter(L, S2): Twitter tab for Manila 2.5.
Manila Weather(L, S2, Q): Weather tab for Manila 2.5 or 2.6.
Media Tool kit(A except O): Dependency of Album, must match Album version.
Menu Enhancement(A except O): Provides a finger-friendly menu.
Message Enhancement(A except O): Provides numbers and links interactions in messages and a compose page, dependency of Manila and Phone Canvas Enhancement, must match Manila and Phone Canvas Enhancement version.
mHub(O): Codec pack, dependency of Album and Camera.
mHub Emz(TC): Codec pack, dependency of Album and Camera.
mHub VO(L, S2, Q): Codec pack, dependency of Album and Camera.
MicrophoneAGC(A): Microphone auto gain control.
MP3 Trimmer(A): Trims MP3 files on your device.
Mute(A): Provides some mute features.
MyCPL(A): Make shortcuts in Settings, just like the .cpl files, dependency of many packages.
New Contact Card(A except O): Create and edit contacts, dependency of Manila and Message Enhancement, must match Contact Utility Engine version.
NewMailAccount(A): ?
Notification Enhancement(A except O): Enhances notification manager.
OmniBizCard(Q, TC): Chinese business cards scanner, Chinese only.
Opera Browser(A): Internet browser.
PhoneAlarm(Q, TC): Qilin variation: Extended events notifier, repeatedly notifys when there are unread SMS, missed calls, etc. Tachi variation: Notifys you when you have a call for every 1, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes.
Phone Canvas Enhancement(A): HTC style phone canvas.
PhoneCanvas(C): CDMA2000 dialer parser, support entering EPST, etc. by inputting phone codes, CDMA2000 only.
PhoneExt Service(C): Extended services for CDMA2000 devices, CDMA2000 only.
Picture Enhancement(A except O): ?
PKG(A): Installs .pkg files.
Power(A): HTC replacement of original power settings.
Power Service(A except L): Power service of devices.
PowerOffWarning(A): The prompt when you long press power key.
PowerWord(Q, TC): English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries, Chinese only.
Quick GPS(A): Download satellite maps to speed up GPS positioning.
Resource *****(A except O): Preload graphical resources and be the ***** of resources for HTC applications, dependency of some HTC applications.
Ringtone Plugin(A except O): Set ringtones by long press on audio files in file explorer.
SCP(Q, TC): Personal security center, provides calls firewall, messages firewall, remote control by messages and notifiy if SIM card changed functions. Device dependent, Chinese only.
Search Call Log(Q): Provides searching call logs function in built-in search application.
SendContactViaSMS(O): Provides sending contacts via SMS function, Chinese only.
Sensor SDK(A): Fundamental service for all sensors, device dependent.
Settings Improvement(L, S2, Q): Dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6 and some HTC applications.
SharedDll(O): Dlls used by HTC applications, dependency of some applications
Shared Modules(A except O): Modules used by HTC applications, including vibration service, dependency of some applications.
SharedResource(L, S2, Q): Graphics and some files for HTCFramework, must match HTCFramework version.
SignatureReplace(A except O): ?
SlidingSound(R): Play sound when you slide out/in the keyboard.
SmartTouch(O): Support of the touch panel of Old devices, device dependent.
SMS Pack(Q, TC): Provides several SMS related funtions(backup, search, auto replay, group send), Chinese only.
SMSInboxThreading(L): Switches between threaded mode and unthreaded mode.
StartIconLoader(L, S2, Q): Dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6, must match Manila Core version.
Storage Low(A): Notify you when your storage is low.
Streaming Media(A): Streaming media player.
Streaming SDK(A except O): Streaming media component.
TaskManager(Q, TC, O): HTC task manager with a quick menu in Today.
TaskBarIconMgr(A except O): Taskbar icons service with icons pack(Bluetooth headset icon, earphone icon, etc.).
Teeter(A): HTC G-Sensor game.
TimeZoneAutoFix(A except O): Auto fixes time zone when connected to Internet.
TVOutPopUp(R): Provides TV-Out feature, device dependent.
USB To PC Pop Up(A): Switches USB connection between ActiveSync mode, Mass Storage mode and Internet Sharing mode.
VBookmarkMgr(L, S2, Q): Manages visual bookmarks, dependency of Manila 2.5 and 2.6.
Voice Recorder(A): HTC replacement of original Recorder.
VoiceOut(O): Reads out incoming SMS, time, etc., Chinese only.
Volume Control(A): HTC style volume control, newest versions are devices dependent.
WiFiWizard(A except O): Wizard for Wi-Fi connection.
WiFiSettings(A): Basic settings for Wi-Fi.
WLANSettings(A): Advanced settings for Wi-Fi.
zlibce_m(A except O): ?