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(source · 39 Health Network) many daily necessities in your life. If you don't clean it in time and change it regularly, it will be your health killer. Such as the following seven kinds of daily necessities . , 1, bath ball, some people like to use a bath ball while taking a bath, but often ignore their cleaning steps. New York Department of Dermatology doctor Jessica · Visser said, bath ball is a variety of bacteria, fungus and mildew perfect environment. Any small wound in the body can increase the risk of infection by bathing balls, such as impetigo, folliculitis, etc.. but don't worry about bath enthusiasts, you can continue to use it on the premise that natural fiber material can be used to control the growth of bacteria to some extent, but it needs to be changed once a month. At the same time, after the bath, you must rinse the foam on the bath ball, throw it dry and leave it in a cool and dry environment to avoid bacterial growth. , 2, cotton swabs, many people often use cotton swabs to pick their ears. But this is not the behavior of the doctor suggested. if you accidentally put into deep ear wax, not only can not remove earwax, will increase the risk of bacterial infections. actually, ears can be cleaned automatically. The United States, the New York ear medicine Su Jana Chandrasekhar said, · there is no reason to clean up the ears, unless your ears filled with dirt, wax or too much causing hearing loss. , 3,http://www.afrigeneas.com/forum/index.cgi, nail clipper tools, nail clipper tools are a good place to harbor germs. Bacteria easily attached to the nails with nail clippers, when you cut nails, these may be the transfer of bacteria into the tool, if there is no suitable cleaning, bacteria will breed in a large amount, which may cause skin infection. use soap and water to clean the nail clipper after use. , 4, plush toys,Zapatos Lebron 15 (http://www.terremotos.info/tags.html?page=14), plush toys, one of children's favorite toys, is a breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites are the biggest allergen in the room and can cause sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, itching, and other symptoms. don't pile stuffed toys on the child's bed. Just put one or two. Or wrap it regularly in a plastic bag and chill in the refrigerator for one night,http://www.credoweg.de/cgi-bin/guestbook.php.cgi. 5, humidifier many people use humidifiers in offices or in cold and dry weather to help ease dry and stuffy nose. , but >   ./   (来源·39健康网)生活中很多每 都可能用到的日用品,如果不及时清 洁、定期更换,都会成为你的健康杀 。比如以下的七种日常用品。   1、浴球   有些人洗澡时喜欢用浴球,http://cgi.din.or.jp/~zapper/cgi-bin/custombbs.cgi/,但往往忽略了其清洁步骤,http://www.jtqzxx.com/wygkcn_GuestBook.asp。   美国纽约皮肤科医生杰西卡·维瑟 说,浴球是各种细菌、真菌和霉菌滋 的完美环境。人体上任何一种小伤口 会经由浴球增加感染致病的风险,如 脓疱病、毛囊炎等。   不过浴球的爱好者们也别担心, 可以继续使用,前提是:选择天然纤 材料,Cheap KD 10 (http://www.mobmov.co.uk/),可在一定程度上控制细菌滋生,但 需每个月换一次。同时,洗完澡后一 定要将浴球上面的泡沫冲洗干净,用 甩干,放在阴凉、干燥的环境,避免 菌滋生。   2、棉签   很多人经常用棉签掏耳朵。但这 是医生不建议的行为,http://www.psytrance.cz/en。   如果你不小心把耳屎推向了耳朵 处,"Nike Special Field Air Force 1 ""String/Gum""" (http://www.overlapidentity.com/),不但不能清除耳屎,还会增加细菌 染的风险。   其实,耳朵是能自动清理的,Nike Air Force 1 Low Midnight (http://www.nmdcitysock2laufschuhe.club/)。美国纽约耳科医学博士苏佳娜·钱 拉塞卡表示,没有任何理由去清理耳 ,除非你的耳朵里堆满了泥垢,或者 耳屎太多导致听力下降。   3、剪指甲工具   剪指甲工具是窝藏细菌的一处好 方。指甲中容易附着细菌,当你用指 钳时剪指甲时,可能会将这些细菌转 移到工具中,如果没有进行合适的清 ,细菌就会大量滋生,从而可能会导 皮肤感染。   使用后用肥皂和水清洗剪指甲工 ,http://www.arumagarden.com/cl2-c_diary01/clever.cgi?mode=res&no=219。   4、毛绒玩具   毛绒玩具——小孩子最喜欢的玩 之一,但却恰是尘螨滋生的温床。尘 是室内最大的过敏原,http://js.xaut.edu****/web/E_GuestBook.asp,可引起打喷嚏、流鼻涕 眼睛发红、发痒等症状。   不要在孩子的床上堆满毛绒玩具 放一两个就好。或定期用塑料袋包起 ,在冰箱中冷冻一晚,能达到杀螨的 效果。   5、加湿器   不少人会在办公室或寒冷干燥的 气中使用加湿器,有助于缓解皮肤干 和鼻塞。   但西德克萨斯过敏医疗中心主任 格尔·沃伯特表示,清洗不当或没有 常清洗,加湿器容易滋生霉菌和病原 ,而后又喷出到空气中,增加患病几 率。   此外,KD 10 Sale (http://www.medzilla.info/),加湿器给空气中增加太多水分,http://community.preloved.co.uk/reviews,能让你的家变成螨虫的温床, 导致过敏等皮肤问题。   晚上运行加湿器后,记得把里面 水都倒掉,使其完全干燥。美国环境 护署还建议每隔两天用刷子或洗涤器 清洗加湿器中的沉积物。   6、抗菌肥皂   使用抗菌肥皂洗手,目的在于杀 手中的细菌。但事实证明,抗菌肥皂 无效的。   美国哥伦比亚大学流行病学教授 莱恩·莱森说,此前她做过一次试验 比较使用抗菌产品的家庭与那些没有 抗菌肥皂的人,在生病上有无差别。 结果发现,人们的生病率没有差别。   很明显,在一个健康的家庭中, 用抗菌肥皂并没有什么用。更糟糕的 ,抗菌材料,比如三氯生等可能会增 强细菌的耐药性。   其实用普通肥皂和水洗手就可以 。清洗时摩擦双手,能有效地去除细 。   7、榨汁机   每次用榨汁机榨完食物后,你知 要清洗,但可能会跳过一个最关键的 分:榨汁机的橡胶圈。   2013年美国国家卫生基金会(NSF) 一份报告显示,榨汁机橡胶圈是厨房 里细菌密集程度排第三的地方,其中 斥了大量大肠杆菌、酵母和霉菌。   建议每一次使用过后,都把榨汁 的刀片和橡胶圈拆卸下来清洗。   责编:江婧