توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : [eXistenZ]-[Black Edition]-رام جدید و زیبای 4.3 برای Xperia ZL

2014-02-12, 11:39 PM
eXistenZ v2.0.0 | Black Edition | 4.3 | 10.4.B.0.569



- Based on latest Xperia Z Sony Build 10.4.B.0.569
- Based on latest Xperia Z1 Sony Build 14.2.A.0.290
- Deodexed with DSIXDA's kitchen
- BusyBox integrated
- Zipaligned
- Xperia Z1 Conversation

Save Draft Dialog added
Real Timestamp
Slide show editor added

- Xperia Z1 AR Effects Camera
- Xperia Z1 Art ****** Camera
- Xperia Z1 Camera
- Xperia Z1 TimeShift Camera
- Xperia Z1 InfoEye
- Xperia Z1 Bluetooth
- AOSP Browser with working synch
- Call Vibrator
- eXistenZ Clock Widget

Different Clocks and colors

- Xperia Z Clock Widget

New backgrounds for Digital Clocks

- All Google apps updated to latest version
- Gravity Box 2.8.3
- Latest Liveware manager
- Xperia Z On/Off tools Widget

Resized to have exact same size as Clock widget

- OTA updater
- Xperia Z1 Package Installer

Wrong layout fixed
Wrong background color fixed
Look & Feel added

- Performance Control 2.1.8
- Xperia Z Phonebook

Speed Dial added

- Xperia Z1 SemcPhone

Data Connection message when turn off disabled
National Data Roaming
Speaker voice enhancement
Call Recording
Answering Machine
2g only added

- Latest Sony Album 5.3.A.0.22
- Xperia Z Calendar

Widget redrawed for eXistenZ

- Xperia Z Email

Widget redrawed for eXistenZ

- Latest Sony Walkman 8.1.A.0.3

Modded to allow any Navigation Bar size without layout problem

- Xperia Z Video

Modded to allow any Navigation Bar size without layout problem

- Xperia Z Settings

eXistenZ settings section added
Xposed framework shortcut
Gravity Box shortcut
Power Toggle shortcut
eXistenZ Clock Widget shortcut
Performance control shortcut
App OPS added
Starter added
Seamless Tethering added

- eXistenZ Small App calculator
- Xperia Z Small App Launcher

Favorite bar layout modded to 5 shortcuts

- Slider Control Small App
- Xperia Z1 Camera Widget

Redrawed background

- Xperia Z1 Note
- Xperia Z1 Sketch
- Xperia Z Sound Enhancement
- Xperia Z1 X-Reality
- Xperia Z SystemUI

Long press on Quick Settings to access related setting
Status Bar Handle carrier label themed
Status Bar Notification bar glow effect themed
Selected recent app glow effect themed
Serajr Clear All recent task button added
Navigation bar modded to allow any navigation bar size without layout problem

- eXistenZ Weather Widget
- Triflat and Wood themes
- Xperia Z1 ***** Stamina

Queue background datas added

- Xperia Z Lockscreen

Unlock hint message removed

- Service.jar patched to remove signature comparaison.
- Xperia Z Power menu

Reboot options
eXistenZ Icons changing according to theme accent

- Advanced volume control
- Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
- eXistenZ Wallpapers
- Optimized backlight integrated
- 36 DPI Navigation bar as default size.
- Bluetooth Black themed
- Calculator Black themed
- Call Vibrator Black themed
- Conversations Black themed
- USB settings Black themed
- HotSpot settings Black themed
- Location Based settings Black themed
- My Xperia Black themed
- Apps Installer Black themed
- Phonebook Black themed
- Phone & Dialer Black themed
- Calendar Black themed
- Clocks Black themed
- Dlna Black themed
- Email Black themed
- All Settings Black themed
- Theme Chooser Black themed
- Small Apps Launcher Black themed
- Camera Widgets redrawed
- Mirror Link Black themed
- Notes Black themed
- Sketch Black themed
- Sound Picker Black themed
- Quick Settings Black themed
- Keyboard Black themed
- Updater Center Black themed
- White Balance Black themed
- PS3 Controller Black themed
- Some framework bugs fixed
- Swipe and Pin/Pattern in same time.
- Scrolling Cache disabled.

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رام را دانلود کنید و به مموری انتقال دید

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رام را از ریکاوری نصب کنید و ریبوت کنید

eXistenZ v2.0.0 (https://mega.co.nz/#!tZ1kWIQJ!gtlRfkoKIt1GGeoe_5sDU0mHZP4uHxMSYPX1xkV RTBU)

دانلود کرنل از مرکز آپلود موبایل اول (http://upload.ir-tci.org/index.php/files/get/irQKzO-SFS/c6603-10.4.b.0.569-stripped.ftf)


http://www.nirvana-records.be/xda/xperiaz/eXistenZ_Black/eXistenZ_Black_Phonebook_small.png (http://www.nirvana-records.be/xda/xperiaz/eXistenZ_Black/eXistenZ_Black_Phonebook.png)

http://www.nirvana-records.be/xda/xperiaz/eXistenZ_Black/eXistenZ_Black_Settings02_small.png (http://www.nirvana-records.be/xda/xperiaz/eXistenZ_Black/eXistenZ_Black_Settings02.png)

2015-06-04, 01:39 PM
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