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2012-10-13, 04:01 PM
رام Paranoid android با بیس جیلی بین یا همون اندروید 4.1
نسخه بتا 1



Screen glitches when you first boot the ROM - Set a wallpaper and the glitch will go away.
USB MOUNT text on the top left corner of the screen grabbels when the USB window pops up. This will go away when you actually mount
Graphical glitches when you are in the APP Drawer and you swipe between your apps WHILE you have set the transparency to your status bar.
No wallpaper as default in framework-res.apk
The ROM freezes at first from unknown reasons - Set your scheduler to SIO or NOOP + your GOVERNOR to anything else besides ONDEMAND (smartassV2 recommend) and reboot.
SOUND: The sound is not playable at first (UI and media sounds)تغییرات کلیه ورژن های قبل+beta 1 :


Fixed the freezes at start-up
Cherry-picked and added a plethora of tweaks (EXPERIMENTAL)
Faster and stable
Removed Youtube.apk
Stock browser security fix
New toggle system for statusbar (you can enable, disable or change their appearance from settings)
Deep sleep issue fixed by maxwen's kernel (flash that if you want to be ***** awesome)
ParanoidPreference updated
Goo.IM support - Now you can download my rom through GooIM application found in the appdrawer!
Get it while its HOT!


Fully source compiled
Based on latest B113 CM10 by Lloir
Based on latest PARANOIDANDROID sources (PA 2.17)
Swapped Nova Launcher with Trebuchet
Added Youtube.apk that will transform in 3DYoutube if you set it in 720px mode
Added working Adobe Flash Player

v 0.7 Pre-Alpha

Fixed Market
Fixed force closes mostly

v 0.6 Pre-Alpha

Synced with latest CM9 by LLoir/Maxwen
Synced with latest PA sources for ICS (1.6)
Bluetooth fixed with this latest version
Lockscreen now turns in landscape mode
Switched off the off screen animation
Fixed a little things in pad.prop
Cleaned up build.prop
Trebuchet is the default launcher now, not because it is better (it's not actually) (you can install anything you want)
Network search works
Injected the required kernel into the rom, so take that and flash it in order to get bluetooth!

v 0.5 Pre-Alpha

Added Titanium Kernel #5 with fix Performance Settings (the cpu overclock from Performance settings will work now) - THIS KERNEL INCLUDES THE GPS FIX ALSO! (Technolover)
Fixed Viber app from the market;
Fixed incompatibility issues with Firefox/Chrome and a few apps;
Phone mode by default with smaller UI;
Forced Apex as Tablet UI (you can enter in the app drawer using the ::: from the top right corner of the screen);
MMS as Tablet UI with smaller DPI;
Store with TabletUI with smaller DPI;
Fixed the DeskClock font size problem;
Added a new "How To - DPI change tutorial" on the OP page.

v 0.4 Pre-Alpha

Based on latest Beta3 CM9 - Fixed camera recording (only in 480p);
Smoother than before - I suggest you all try this;
Tablet mode by default;
Removed Nova and Trebuchet;
Added Apex - Much more smoother;
Some build.prop tweaks;
Other things I can't remember right now;

v 0.3 Pre-Alpha

Fix ***** user access;

v 0.2 Pre-Alpha

Wifi fix implemented (THANKS JMZTAYLOR & Lloir);
Fix for Netflix;
USB Tether should work;
Fix Phone.apk crash when someone calls you;
Removed Maps and Apex Launcher (who needs them they can download the apps from market - the rom contains the required datas for maps, so you need only the app);
Small work into build.prop;

v 0.1 Initial Release

دانــــــــــــلـــــــــ ــــــود ورژن Beta 1 (http://tinyw.in/GYlS)

دانــــــــــــلـــــــــ ــــــود کرنـــل (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jiiifc58noamn91)

دانــــــــــــلـــــــــ ـــــود Gapps (http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip)

2014-02-23, 12:30 AM
اگز از این رام استفاده کنم قابلیت usb otg به گوشی اضافه میشه