توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : رام سریع و زیبا EaglesBlood بر پایه اندروید 4.0.4

2012-07-08, 04:54 PM


ویژگی ها:

*Full AOSP built from source 4.0.4 IMM76I(ROOTED)

*SU and *****user



*Unsecured Kernel

*Ganoptimezer thanks to Caynogen and his team

*Neon Optimizations for Arch-Arm7 from code Aurora

*Fully optimized

*Smoother/Faster UI

*Optimizations for better handling cache

*Notification drawer toggles and settings under Display

*Performance settings under Developer options

*Launcher2 Tweaked by me faster/smother

*180 Degrees hardware rotation

*Distinguishable data between 3G/H

*Auto brightness patch

*Reboot/Recovery to power menu

*NEW 4 way lockscreen

*Extension button for camcorder

*Power Shutter to camera

*Added STK (sim tool kit)

*SMS split and templates gestures

*Mark all read option to email.apk

*File manager since our phones don't have one

*Shortcut button for sound recorder

*Hard press back button kills app

*Google Wallet

*Gapps included


*Added etc init.d support

*Added busybox

*Added Bash

*Added Nano

*Added Lsof

*Added Libncurses

*Added Rsync

کل تغییرات از اولین ورژن این سری رام ها:

Changelog V2.0

*Added notification drawer toggles and settings under Display (Pedlar)

*Added Performance settings under Developer options

*Added Power Shutter to camera

*Added SMS split and templates gestures

*Added mark all read option to email

*Fixed playback mkv files with lacing (Pawit.P)

*Hide media from folder with .nomedia file

Changelog V1.9

*Fully/Most Stable Fastest release out yet bug free
*NFC fixed (confirmed working)
*Neon Optimizations for Arch-Arm7 from code Aurora :cool:
*All Png's optimized
*Option for disabling/enabling debug notification under settings/Developers options
*Updated Dsp Manager
*Added Transition Effects to launcher credit nebcat
*Louder volume output
*Overall faster/smother UI

Changelog V1.8

*Added pulse notification
*New launcher build off Trebuchet and tweaked by me
*Launcher to settings menu
*Bunch of speed/battery tweaks
*Added dev/shorcut under settings widget
*Removed system updates from settings menu
*Incognito tab to browser
*Nfc take 3 needs testing
*Dsp manager build from CM choose under setting/sounds/music effects
*Added Rom Manager
*Fixed force close issue with *****user when using Rom manager
*Added terminal
*Removed performance settings for now
*Enabled extra keys for keyboard
*Fling velocity can be adjusted in build.props
*Fixed permissions for init.d
*Moved cache to dalvik cache

Changelog V1.7

*Fixed MMS goodbye blurry MMS pics :)
*Fixed NFC take 2 :p needs testing
*Distinguishable data between 3G/H
*Added 180 Degrees hardware rotation
*Added etc init.d support
*Added busybox
*Added Bash
*Added Nano
*Added Lsof
*Added Libncurses
*Added Rsync
*Added mobile data networks settings shortcut to pulldown (Thanks Xoomdev)
*Added Performance setting to menu settings (Thanks Kejar31/JRummy16)
*Changed Launcher2 velocity faster/smother
*More Tweaks one of the fastest/smoothest EGB releases yet and YES STOCK KERNEL :cool:

Changelog V1.6

*Added T9 Dialer per ppl request
*NFC should be fixed need's testing i don't have tags
*Added Italian translation to Power menu option [Thanks to andrew2511 for translation]
*Speed up rotation from portrait to landscape and vice verse
*More speed tweaks to framework results Fast/Smooth/Butter ;)
*Updated Calendar/Gmail to 4.0.3
*Added "Nexus" notification sound (thanks Peter Alfonso)

Changelog V1.5

*Updated Launcher2 more speed tweaks
*Optimizations for better handling cache
*Hard press back button now kills app to enable under
System settings/Developer options/Kill app back button/check box
*Google wallet included in the rom
*Added EBloodmod version/about phone
*Few changes in framework so full wipe is recommended
make nandroid just in case if you wanna flash over previous version without full wipe
*Happy new year enjoy :)

Changelog V1.4

*New 4 shortcuts lockscreen added phone/mms (Thanks to Xoomdev)
*Added FB sync (Thanks to paulobrien and Romanbb)
*Minor fixes and tweaks
*Gapps included with this build as well

Changelog V1.3

*I would recommend full wipe with this build
but if you don't feel so it's up to you
*Added Ganoptimezer thanks to Caynogen and his team
*Fixed graphic glitches
*Launcher2 Tweaked by me faster/smoother
*Gapps included on this build no need to flash Gapps
just flash v1.3 and you're good to go
*Added option for restoring all your apps soon as you sign in
*Better battery life
*Fixed effect option on camcorder no more fc
*All apps should show up in the market now
*Bootanimation fixed
*Added all missing live wallpapers
*Removed AOSP music added music2

Changelog V1.2

*Added reboot option to power menu
*Added file manager
*Few clean ups and minor changes

Changelog V1.1

*New base 4.0.3 IML74K
*Unsecured kernel
*Added EB bootanimation
*Updated build.props
*Added shortcut for voice recorder
*Added shortcut for camcorder
*Added menu button to home screen
and removed it from lockscreen
*Disabled keyboard popup from showing up in status bar
*All ICS compatible apps should show up in the market now
*Please flash the Gapps that I'm providing
*Removed CM launcher added back stock launcher
*More that I'm forgetting right now plus more to comeChangelog V1.0
*Initial release

روش نصب این رام:

رام را با فرمت ".zip" به SD CAD گوشی منتقل نمایید.
گوشی را wipe data/wipe cache/wipe dalvik کنید.
برگشت به صفحه اصلی ریکاوری
گزینه "install rom from sd card " را انتخاب نمایید.
گوشی را ریست(ریبوت) کنید.
دوباره گوشی را wipe data/wipe cache/wipe dalvik کنید.
جهت دانلود بر روی تصویر زیر کلیک کنید!
http://cdn2.iconfinder.com/data/icons/orbiconspack/PNG/Download.png (http://static.clockworkmod.com/developer/718/2944/egb-2.1-2012-05-28-signed.zip)
http://devftp.xda-developers.com/files/NRGZ28/PostGraphics/downloadgreen.png (http://static.clockworkmod.com/developer/718/2944/egb-2.1-2012-05-28-signed.zip)

تم ها:
Download theme here for V1.7
Download theme here for V1.6

اسکرین شات از این تم ها:

2012-07-10, 04:49 AM
وقتی قبل از فلش کردن فول وایپ کنید ، پس از فلش کردن نیازی نیست .

2012-07-10, 12:55 PM
تو اسکرین شات 4.0.3 هست و CM9

2012-07-10, 04:39 PM
تو اسکرین شات 4.0.3 هست و CM9

دوست عزیز،اونا اسکرین شات های ورژن قبلی-که بر پایه اندروید 4.0.3 بود-هستند!

2012-07-14, 02:26 PM
وقتی قبل از فلش کردن فول وایپ کنید ، پس از فلش کردن نیازی نیست .

درسته ، ولي اينو خود سازندش گفته!