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2012-04-27, 12:31 PM
بااین نرم افزار میتونید بادادن رنگ مقاومت مقدار اهم را به دست بیارید در ضمن نیازی به کتاب ترانزیستورها ندارید وکلیه اطلاعات درموردهمه ترانزیستورهادراین نرم افزار می باشد همچنین درمورد IC ها میکروپروسسورها و رگولاتورها وخازن ها و....کسانی که رشته انها الکترونیک می باشد این برنامه کاربرد بسیاری دارد
ازلینک زیر ورژن 4.00.01 Electronic toolboxرو دریافت کنید

http://apptrackr.org/s/?url=lJxsbh5XC1jPTG87haFNEy6OHaQ4trNGpGBpTB1BT2njX 5-IrZ1Z9k_PQWqzThD2scdwtThg2D0Ddqa8IBFOnchpqBxlAzyRK sp52vZn43jgZtsCW446JK1bAoxHZ74d

2012-04-27, 01:07 PM
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2012-05-08, 02:32 PM
http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/5/339158729-1335793562/icon175x175_1335793563_feed6582ba9964697df81a50639 d5e6a.jpg

Electronic Toolbox Pro
Apr 28, 2012
Version: 4.00.02
14.0 MB

http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/5/339158729-1335793562/screenshot0_1335793562_0ebbd2e5679cddb4a602bf1c45b b5a45.jpg
http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/5/339158729-1335793562/screenshot2_1335793562_0ad2d49b8bc57bd25340c579bfb fe29d.jpg
http://static.apptrackr.org/itunes/5/339158729-1335793562/screenshot3_1335793562_94da78c9297e81212d41378adb1 8af78.jpg

تغييرات نسبت به ورژن قبل:

What's new in Version 4.00.02

This is a maintenance update to the initial version with the following changes:

• New User interface as requested by Apple
• Fixed a bad bug (hanging UI) in all Tools using the Picker roll
• Speed improvements in many areas
• Improved Searching with pattern. E.g. 887 will now also find PIC16F887
• Improved Searching also for Details. E.g. in ICs when searching for Decoder all Decoder Chips will be found
• Fix of confused calculation between sine wave and sawtooth
• Corrected display of R2 instead of C in the Voltage Regulator Tool
• Fixed SI suffix in the Frequency Tool
• Corrected '3 numbers' calculation in the Resistors Tool
• Corrected Inductor frequency calculation
• Black instead of White Scrollbar for better visibility
• Corrected Ohms Law Tool when Calculating from Given U and I values
• Saving Projects right after renaming issues fixed
• Decimal point setting was not regarded in all Tools
• And many more minor bug fixes and improvements.

Many thanks for your reports and your patience.

Please feel free to let me know possible further findings, requests or ideas.

Currently I am already working on the next version which will also offer many improvements and new tools.

Thank you!

Marcus Ros***ch



موفق باشید:flower:

2012-08-18, 12:07 AM
Version 4.01.01

http://static.apptrackr.cd/itunes/5/339158729-1344849498/screenshot0_1344851522_332de940a283e9383df911caf01 a66a8.jpghttp://static.apptrackr.cd/itunes/5/339158729-1344849498/screenshot1_1344851522_572ebd33cc3053ff4d46627f4ba ffb67.jpg

What's new in Version 4.01.01
This version is mainly a maintenance update to fix some reported issues but also contains some improvements:

► The unfortunate issue in the LED tool has been fixed
► When switching between calculation types, reasonable unit types will now automatically be applied
► Some improvements in the NE555 tool
► Added some additional LED types in the LED tool
► Projects and project attachments can now be deleted by using the swipe gesture
► Projects can now have URL attachments to websites
► Possibility to fine-tune the frequency in the Frequency Generator in order to measures an external sound in note and frequency easier
► Some accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
► Some preparations for iOS 6

And finally one new tool:

► Capacitor Charge and Energy calculator

Many thanks for your many nice and kind customer reviews and your support.

As last time, please I kindly ask you to update your review or add another review for this version in order to help me to keep up my work on this app.

Like always, please let me know if you are experiencing an issue with my app or if you are missing a certain feature or functionality. I promise to listen to you

and consider your mail

Aug 11, 2012
Version: 4.01.01
16.4 MB