توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : (رام کاستوم ) نکسوس: Android Open Kang Project

2012-04-25, 09:35 PM
Android Open Kang Project Milestone 4 Nightly Build 34
By Romanbb - Apr 24

این رام یکی از بهترین ها و پرطرفدار تیرن رام های گاگسی نکسوس هست با ویژگی های فوق العاده پیشنهاد می کنم حتما امتحانش کنید

یکی از مهمترین ویژگی های رام شخصی سازی بسیار عالی رام هست.

ظاهر اولیه رام هم بدون تغییرات مثل رام های رسمی هست.

همچنین این رام در دو نسخه ی Nightly و Milestone(همون Stable) ارائه می شه که نسخه ی Milestone نسخه ی پایدار رام هست که باگ های خیلی کمی توش پیدا می شه ولی کم تر اپدیت می شه و بعضی ویژگی های نسخه ی Nightly رو نداره

ویژگی های رام :

Android 4.0.4 -- IMM76D
Unsecure boot.img (stock AOSP kernel)
*****user & Busybox preinstalled
180 Degree rotation
Built in performance/init.d configuration (Thanks Kejar & company)
CM Launcher/ Power Menu
CM Brightness slider
Custom color for anything in RC
Clock Color/Location: Right, Center, Disable
Battery Icon/ Color Picker: CircleMod, Bar, Text Only, Icon Only, Icon+Text or None
Battery Bar in Status Bar or Nav Bar, Bar Thickness, Charging animation
Nav Bar Transparency
Nav Bar Button Reorder: Back-Home-Search-Menu
Nav Bar Color Picker
Nav Bar Button Glow Duration: Off, Fast, Slow
Nav Bar: Long press to Search button
Nav Bar Hide on Lockscreen
Toggles in Pull Down Menu: Auto rotate, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Aiplane mode, Vibrate, Silent, Sync, Data, 4G, Tethering, Torch, Brightness
LCD Density (Careful with this)
Menu Button location: Right, Left, both, Remove
Menu Button Visability: Always show, Always show Invisible Icons
Lockscreen Style: Quad, Octo, Stock
Lockscreen SMS customizable shortcut
Lockscreen Horizontal Option
Performance Menu: (Use With Caution) Max/ Min CPU, Scaling Governor
Unlock Sceen with Legacy Menu Icon
Volume Key to Wake Screen
Volume Key to Skip Tracks
Long-press back button to kill process
Disable CRT off animation
LED pulse settings (time on/off)
ICS ringtones/notification sounds
Customize carrier text to whatever.
Power Menu options: Boot to recovery/ Boot loader, Reboot, Screenshot
Facebook contact sync integration (must wipe to get this)
Disable Boot animation
Keyboard: Volume keys act as a cursor while typing -- disable in keyboard options
Long press home for recent apps (thanks brucekey)

لینک دانلود | Download Link

Android Open Kang Project Milestone 4


Android Open Kang Project Nightly Build34




آموزش نصب

فایل زیپ را به گوشیتون منتقل کنید .

گوشی را خاموش و به حالت ریکاوری ببرید .
عملیات Wipe Data و wipe cache partition و Wipe Dalvik Cache را انجام دهید .
حالا Install from sdcard zip را انتخاب کنید و فایل زیپ را نصب کنید .

سپس Install from sdcard zip را انتخاب کنید و فایل زیپ gapps را نصب کنید .

تغییرات نسخه های رام

Build 34

fixed mobile data toggle not updating for serious
fix navigation buttons for tablets
long press home options added to General Interface for phones that have hardware buttons
fix icon transparency being applied to right-side buttons (BT, etc)
updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.1
Add BT MAP Profile
fix font sizing in statusbar
fixed volume sliders not updating when volumes are linked
many fixes for ColorPicker in ROM Control
fixed volume sliders not updating when volumes are linked
many fixes for ColorPicker in ROM Control

gradient showing properly
color picker should fit in all screens now
show color preview before opening dialog (in-line)

fixed sound playing when volume zoom is enabled in camera
last.fm AVRCP crash fixed
contact pictures now displaying properly in notifications when receiving new sms
many other things!
Build 33

bug fixes
- Bluetooth: Fixed memory leak and file handles leak
- Nav bar & tablet status bar FCs fixed
- Fixed some init.d scripts not running due to lack of bash
- Changing brightness by sliding on the top of the statusbar (if enabled) shouldn’t FC anymore
- Fixed Data toggle not updating properly
- Torch should be acting normally again
- ROM Control: Fixed scrolling cache not setting properly
- Weather will refresh whenever SystemUI starts instead of when the phone boots (so if it gets restarted, it should fetch weather again, it didn’t before)
- Lockscrens: Added lockscreen wallpapers to pin & pattern unlock screens
- Settings: fixed link mute states always being checked

*****sonic: Updated files (thanks to evervolv), should boot! I’ve also included a “camera hack” so it should work, Video camera will FC, so will panorama mode. It is what it is http://forum.aokp.co/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

new features
- Added another ROM Control shortcut that opens ROM Control
- Added ability to translate weather conditions (only German is translated for now I think)
- Mms: added ability to strip unicode (CM)
- Mms: added emoji icons (CM)
- Mms: added quick emoji button to left of input (option you must enable)
- Added warnings to fast charge (will notify you if it’s enabled on boot)
- Hide navbar feature for tablets
- More music players supported for AVRCP 1.3

Build 32

- Fix NavBar showing up in landscape lockscreen
- Fix long-press resetting custom NavBar icons
- Fix incorrect bluetooth address on some devices
- Fix lockscreen events showing up 1 day before
- Fix quickunlock not allowing passwords longer than 8 chars
- Fix centered clock not showing the correct time
- Other small fixes

New Features:
- Camera: Pinch and Volume Zoom (CyanogenMod, Whitehawkx)
- General UI: Customizable rotation delay is back! (roman)
- Bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3+ support (CyanogenMod, MarcLandis)
- Lockscreen/NavBar: Allow shortcuts to specify their own icons
- NavBar: Allow tablets to use “hide NavBar” feature (Zaphod-Beeble)
- NavBar: Custom NavBar is now available for tablets as well! (Zaphod-Beeble)
- NavBar: Customizable glow color (roman)
- Quiet Hours: Configure the hours your device should be quiet and/or still (sethyx and thanks to CyanogenMod)
- Statusbar: Added ability to WeatherPanel to start a custom app (MarcLandis)
- Statusbar: Added ability to hide signal bars (hillbillyhacker)
- Statusbar: Customizable font size (Zaphod-Beeble)
- Statusbar: Customizable icon transparency (sethyx)